About us

Apple Wholesale Store, inc. is a electronic corporate distributor for retailers and individual clients and was established in 1995 and officially incorporated in 1997 in the state of Michigan. Our company is based in the United States but maintains a vast customer range world wide. Formerly a physical retail store, our company opted to become a strictly internet based company due in part to the technological boom of the early 90's and 2000's along with significantly increased sales volume upon taking our business to the web. All products displayed on our website are authentic direct from their respective manufacturer. and all mobile devices are all factory unlocked and factory sealed. All devices come with a minimum of 1 year manufactures warranty (Apple Care+ Extended etc.) and 1 year international warranty and come with their original accessories. Also per company policy and for security reasons, we do not disclose stock images or client information. We do not sell used, broken or cloned models.


What we offer

All products displayed are backed by our 90 Returns and Exchanges and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee with Buyer Protection. We cover all sales and shipping costs and provide Free Same Day Shipping for all purchases. We also cover Bank and Money Transfer fees. Simply deducted the fee from the Total amount of your order.


About Payment methods

Per company policy, we accept only payments via Bank Wire Transfer (TT), Money Transfers, Money Orders and Cashier's Checks. No exceptions.This policy was implemented on July 1 2013 for security reasons and loss prevention. We previously supported popular processors such as PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, Square etc. However, do to our high sales volume, the popular items we offer, conflicting and financially hindering policies along with large number of  customers abuse of these services, we made the business decision to discontinue use of the forenamed payment methods. 

Our Current Payment Methods are as follows:

  • We accept all Bank Wire Transfer (TT)(B2B) Payments
  • We accept all Money Transfers.
  • We accept all Postal, MoneyGram and Western Union Money Orders
  • We accept Selected Business, Personal and Cashier's Checks

About Shipping

We ship using USPS, Fedex, DHL and UPS. Shipping is Free to all customers and applies to all orders of any quantity.
Shipped Same Day |  Delivered (Next Business Day)


Why Money Transfers?

Unfortunately, our company suffered major losses due to some customers committing consumer fraud (stolen Credit|Debit Cards), customers receiving merchandise only to charge back the amount owed and/or file false claims of damaged or unreceived items. Although we provide tracking details, sales invoices and extra care services to each order, most of the fore-mentioned processors maintain the policy of "customer's always right". Although we also adapt such policies, we also add a level of discretion and discernment when handling such cases. Which is why we've opted to use Money Transfers as a more secure (on our end) way to accept payments and confirm the identity of our customers/clients. This helps Protect our valued customers from unauthorized use and also protects our company from fraud, charge-backs and other inherent legal issues.

More ways to shop: Visit iPhone Unlocked, call 1-586-666-2998.
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